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Human Marketing Grows Thompson Tee Revenue $2M+ With Inbound

YoY Growth with Human Marketing

+ 200%
+ 600%
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About the Company

Thompson Tee is an e-commerce retailer offering patented sweat proof undershirts that preserve clothing and confidence for men and women around the world.

As a lifelong sufferer of hyperhidrosis, Billy Thompson set out to create an affordable and effective solution to heavy underarm sweating. After more than 10 years developing and iterating his sweat proof undershirt, he launched Thompson Tee in 2012 with hopes of selling in brick-and-mortar retailers like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Project Overview

Just two years after launching his e-commerce company, Billy Thompson had already been burned by a handful of agencies. While his SEO company consistently reported positive growth in organic rankings, sales trends didn’t follow suit.

After a year-long website redesign put sales on the backburner, Billy sought out a digital marketing agency he could trust to revamp online sales, assign deeper meaning to sales and marketing numbers and get the company on track for serious growth.

In September 2015, Thompson Tee began sourcing all digital marketing to Human Marketing. Five months later, the company doubled website revenue for 2015 and is currently on track to triple revenue in 2016.

"With other marketing agencies, you pay a $5,000 retainer only to get standard work that might sound great, but it doesn’t do much for your bottom line. The Human Marketing team naturally holds themselves to metrics and communicates those in a transparent and streamlined way; it’s what separates them from all the agencies I’ve worked with.”

Billy Thompson

Our Results

more organic traffic
new keywords ranked


As a young ecommerce company, Thompson Tee had gained a loyal following but needed to get its products in the hands of more customers and increase market penetration.

Through SEO-driven content creation, we helped bolster search engine rankings across the board and casted a much wider net. By testing and continually optimizing the inbound foundation (website, email marketing, social) for conversions, thought leadership, loyalty and user experience we’re driving an additional $2,000,000 in ecommerce revenue.

With these primary revenue drivers in place, new user revenue has grown 224% YoY. Growth rates YoY were 50% prior to our engagement. Now we’re tracking monthly YoY growth in the range of 140% – 250% while maintaining or increasing profit margins!

As we continue to build out Thompson Tee’s inbound marketing foundation, these results will only compound. We’re excited to continue to deliver amazing growth results while helping end users feel more confident along the way! Because in the end, that’s what we’re all about: Human relationships driving meaningful results for inspired companies.

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