About Alyssa Crabbe

Alyssa Crabbe

Alyssa Crabbe

Content Director

What I do

I oversee our content department and empower the content team to learn, grow and generate amazing SEO and content results for our clients. I’m passionate about helping our clients grow organic traffic and revenue and develop their brand identity and voice.

Professional background

I’ve always had a passion for writing, and I started working at Human as a content writer in November 2017. I gained more experience as a content manager and Senior Content Marketing Manager before becoming Content Director in 2020.

Values that drive me

Empathy, Good listening, Trust, Relationships, Learning

What I like about working at Human

The people and company culture! I also love our clients and the fact that I get to help business owners achieve their goals every day.

Free time activities

Spending time outdoors, attending concerts and music festivals, finding a new SciFi movie or series to watch, and exploring all the restaurants, wineries and hiking trails the Pacific Northwest has to offer!


    To Shake the Sleeping Self

    Jedediah Jenkins



    Tara Westover


    The Expanse series

    James S. A. Corey


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