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Jessica Selby

    Jessica Selby

    Sr. Marketing Manager

    What I do

    I help clients grow and monetize their business by leading email, SMS, promo and paid strategy.

    Professional background

    I started off as a server where I learned the importance of communication, time-management and interacting with a team of people! I got my start in marketing at a hospitality PR agency where I worked on social media and email campaigns.

    Following that, I worked as a Marketing Specialist at a Human Resources company where I updated websites, built out emails and dipped my toes in sales communication. Human was my second job out of college and I’ve worked my way up from the bottom as a Marketing Coordinator and have learned so many skills along the way.

    Values that drive me

    The 3D’s! Determination, dedication and drive

    What I like about working at Human

    I learn something new every day and no day is the same! And I get to work with some amazing Humans who all care about each other and make each day super enjoyable :)

    Free time activities

    When I’m not working, I enjoy hiking, running and turning my house into a plant nursery.


      "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"

      Steve Prefontaine

      Shoe Dog


      The Hunger Games


      The Great Gatsby


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