About Michelle Leung

Michelle Leung

    Michelle Leung

    Senior Content Marketing Manager

    What I do

    I lead brand, content and organic search strategy for our clients.

    Professional background

    I started my digital marketing career right here at Human in 2017, quickly gaining tons of experience working across dozens of clients in various industries. I also earned my Master’s degree in Communication Management from USC in 2018.

    I’ve worn almost every hat at Human, but my creative mindset and natural aptitude for writing sent me down the content marketing and branding path!

    Values that drive me

    Ambition, growth, learning, creativity

    What I like about working at Human

    The culture!

    Free time activities

    I enjoy cuddling with my pets, going shopping or thrifting, playing Pokemon Go and eating good food. I also love traveling to National Parks, going to music festivals or the movies, and snowboarding.


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