About Sara Mammano

Sara Mammano

    Sara Mammano

    Project Manager

    What I do

    I manage projects from end-to-end, and connect our internal team to client goals and strategy.

    Professional background

    I have a marketing background in a variety of industries and companies. From small, family-owned businesses, large nonprofits, and a Fortune 500 company, I have loved the opportunity to participate in a vast array of projects from inception to completion.

    Values that drive me

    • Integrity
    • Compassion
    • Respect
    • Empowerment

    What I like about working at Human

    I love the culture, the people, and the dedication to values. Humans don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk!

    Free time activities

    When I’m not working, you can spot me reading, working on my latest DIY project, riding my bike, or exploring SoCal hidden gems with my friends.


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