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Investing in paid campaigns shouldn’t have to be a gamble.

You deserve to work with a trusted partner who knows how to manage your ad budgets and scale your business profitably.

Human’s paid media experts understand how to leverage multiple ad platforms and intelligently allocate spend to drive the most impactful results.

Whether it's Meta, Google or other ad platforms, we know how to make them work together seamlessly. We'll leverage our ecommerce expertise to maximize your ROI and scale your business profitably and sustainably.

Paid Media Service Overview

Our Approach

At Human, we believe that paid media is a powerful tool that complements your organic efforts. Human’s ecommerce PPC management team works with you to create effective, efficient campaigns that target those who are most likely to convert.

Research & Uncover Opportunities

  • Identify what’s working today to capitalize on the quickest wins
  • Assess your audiences, campaign objectives, keywords, creative, and the user’s post-click experience
  • Seek out untapped paid media opportunities across other platforms
Research & uncover paid media opportunities

Develop Your Strategy

  • Create a comprehensive gameplan that tests hypotheses, audiences, keywords and groupings
  • Run A/B tests to deliver the right campaigns with confidence
  • Analyze competitors and their data to finetune your strategy
  • Determine how to allocate your budget based on holistic business findings
Paid Media Strategy

Execute & Optimize

  • Define targeted audiences to maximize your Cost-per-Mille (CPM)
  • Write powerful copy and design attention-grabbing creative that lowers your Cost-per-Click (CPC)
  • Launch effective campaigns across diverse ad platforms to scale spend efficiently
  • Run A/B tests to deliver the right campaigns with confidence
  • Build beautiful, eye-catching paid landing pages that drive conversions
  • Continually optimize the click and post-click experience from every angle
Paid Media Execution & Optimization

Analyze & Measure Results

  • Tap into robust data and trends to track critical paid media KPIs
  • Analyze the performance of every ad variation and campaign
  • Allocate ad spend wisely so you can scale with confidence
Paid Media Analysis & Results Measurement

Paid media is like a frenemy. Keep it in check, and it’ll help you reach your target market and grow your business. But if you forget about it, it’ll stab you in the back (and take your money).

Bao N Truong
Paid Media Manager

Strategic Fit

Investing in paid media for your business is not a decision to make lightly. Our holistic strategy goes beyond maximizing your Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) to spur sustainable growth through diverse and unexplored channels.

"Human completely owns our paid media channel. They set our paid media budget and ensure we're always hitting our company growth and ROAS goals. Their reports break down performance and next steps so we always feel confident in our results."

Billy Thompson
Co-founder of Thompson Tee


What paid channels should I be using?

Before we can pick a paid channel, we will need to better understand your target demographic and goals. We use a mix of ad platforms (like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Adwords, etc.) to determine where your target audience converts the best and adjust ad budgets accordingly.

How much should I spend on paid media?

This largely depends on your business goals. For example, if your goal is to aggressively acquire new customers, we would calculate your marketing spend by first determining your Customer Acquisition Cost (CaC), your Average Order Value(AOV), and your Average Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

If your goals are outside of acquisition, the metrics we use to determine your ad spend would change. Feel free to chat with us about your business goals, so we can help you determine your ideal paid media budget.

What is a good ROAS for paid media?

Determining a target ROAS depends on your growth and profitability goals. If you are looking to maximize growth, we will work with you to determine the minimum ROAS that will allow you to be profitable and earn you more revenue or leads. If you are looking to maximize profitability and ROAS, we will scale campaigns down to target only the most profitable audiences and keywords.

What ROAS should I target?

Return on ad spend (ROAS) differs depending on campaign goals and target audience. For example, if you are acquiring a new customer, you may want to scale your ROAS down to 1 in order to capture more net new customers.

Why is this okay? If you break even on acquiring a customer, then you are adding them to your database for free. From there, if that customer purchases again, their LTV will grow. This is why businesses should focus on customer LTV rather than initial acquisition costs.

If your campaign is targeting current customers, we’d aim to scale the ROAS as high as possible. You’ve already acquired these customers, so now your goal is to further monetize them and increase their LTV. In that case, the higher the ROAS, the more revenue you generate from your customer base.

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