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Softies is an ecommerce clothing brand specializing in sleepwear, loungewear and luxury robes made from high-tech fabrics, designed to keep wearers comfortable and dry all night long. Founded in 2005 by Dennis Murphy and his wife Peggy in Minnesota, Softies has since grown into a global brand.

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April 2021

The Challenge

In 2021, Softies was using a mix of outsourced CMOs and external marketing contractors, creating a disjointed marketing strategy. Managing these partnerships took valuable time away from working on other important aspects of the business.

Softies also relied heavily on annual holidays and features from high-profile gift guides, like Oprah's Favorite Things, to drive sales. This seasonality created uneven fluctuations in sales and revenue throughout the year.

Additionally, Softies’ website was slow-loading and not optimized for search engines, resulting in low traffic and conversion rates.

Softies found Human in April 2021 and consolidated all of their ecommerce marketing activities under Human’s dedicated marketing team.

Softies Homepage

Strategy Overview

To overcome Softies’ marketing challenges and grow their online presence, Human saw an opportunity to modernize their brand, design a more user-friendly website, and develop a strategic, year-round marketing program to engage customers and increase revenue.

Human developed a multi-channel ecommerce marketing strategy to address Softies' marketing challenges. The approach included a mix of paid media, database marketing, campaigns, promotions, website redesign, branding services, content and SEO initiatives.

Key Aspects


Since launching their new ecommerce website in October 2021, Softies' traffic increased by 57% and their average order value increased by 22%. The new website and marketing strategy, which was tailored to Softies’ target audience, also helped Softies grow revenue 88% in two years.

increase in website traffic
increase in revenue
increase in AOV

"It’s been such a great experience working with Human. From the people, processes, and the success we’ve had, I can’t say enough about everyone I work with at Human"

Shelley Foland / CEO, Softies