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Don’t get left on read. Create provoking SMS campaigns that turn contacts into customers

Grow with Human


Is your audience ghosting you?

When your email list is stagnating and your other marketing channels are tapped out, it might be time to jump into SMS. This breakout platform can make up to 20% of your business revenue and is rapidly growing by the year.

Your audience hasn’t forgotten about you. You just need to text them.

Our experts will work closely with you to understand your target audience, define your goals, and craft SMS campaigns that hit the bullseye. We'll help you create enticing offers, exclusive promotions and irresistible calls to action that drive clicks and conversions.

Our Approach

Human’s SMS marketing services help your business cut through the noise and drive renewed interest in your products. We'll guide you through the process, from strategy development to campaign execution, ensuring that every text message packs a punch and gets results.

Research & Uncover Opportunities

  • Identify how you can connect with customers on one of the fastest-growing marketing channels
  • Know what drives your audience to take action

Develop Your Strategy

  • Uncover the ideal tactics to capture contacts and grow your list
  • Segment subscribers to send targeted messages to reduce acquisition costs
  • Build an SMS calendar that maximizes conversions around relevant holidays and events

Execute & Optimize

  • 10x your marketing engagement through SMS alerts with near-perfect deliverability and open rates
  • Compose captivating messages that drive conversation and interaction

Analyze & Measure Results

  • Assess subscriber growth and continuously seek opportunities to grow your list
  • Analyze the performance of every SMS campaign and workflow
  • Apply results and learnings to inform your future SMS strategy

SMS is more than just another way to spam your customers. It’s one of the quickest, effective and affordable ways to connect with your customers on a personal level throughout their entire lifecycle.

Jessica Selby / Sr. Marketing Manager

Strategic Fit

Whether it’s SMS or another platform, one marketing channel alone will not get the job done. It’s critical to leverage other channels to address every part of the customer journey, from awareness to conversion.


What are the benefits of text marketing services?

SMS has one the strongest engagement rates across all marketing channels. It’s an easy way to get in front of customers, increase their loyalty, demonstrate thought leadership, build brand awareness and promote offers.

How often should I message my audience?

This varies depending on the size of your audience and the products you provide.

You could create workflows that automatically text subscribers multiple times over a few weeks, while supplementing that with additional campaigns around product launches, sales, blog content or news that is relevant to your business.

You can also send messages throughout varying lifecycle stages, such as: abandoned cart emails, post-purchase review requests, repurchase reminders and more.

Should I send both emails and SMS messages to my contacts?

Yes! The two strategies can work in tandem to create additional touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle and increase revenue for your business.

What types of messages can I send to my SMS subscribers?

The opportunities are endless! Some common types of text marketing include: abandoned cart, browse abandonment, welcome workflows, shipping notifications, reward programs, sale promotions, new product releases, service offerings and much more.

Does SMS see better engagement rates than email?

Typically, yes. With SMS, you can see up to 99% open rates, 30% click rates and 10x+ ROI. In our experience, we’ve seen SMS comprise up to 20% of total revenue.

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