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Creating an online store has never been easier. With customizable designs and drag-and-drop features, anyone can dive into business with just a few clicks. But standing out and building a sustainable, long-lasting business in the vast ecommerce marketplace? That's tougher than ever.

At Human, we know that success goes beyond generic best practices. It's about diving deep into your brand, understanding your target customer inside out and creating a success blueprint that's uniquely yours.

We know handing over the keys to your online store is a big deal. Our experts merge years of ecommerce experience with our human-first approach to deliver custom marketing strategies that acquire more customers and increase your revenue.

Learn more about our deep-rooted focus on ecommerce marketing, fueled by our unwavering passion for entrepreneurship and everything it’s about.

Our Approach

Extensive research, data-driven strategies and relentless testing are the hallmarks of an effective ecommerce marketing agency. At Human, our ecommerce experts know how to drive sales and engage your client-base.

Research & Uncover Opportunities

  • Assess your site performance and partner to set benchmarks for long term success
  • Leverage multiple growth channels to bridge your business and marketing goals
  • Evaluate your ecommerce platform or requirements to build or enhance your online store

Develop Your Strategy

  • Breathe life into your business through captivating visuals and a powerful brand voice
  • Identify and select the best ecommerce platform for your specific needs
  • Create a full funnel marketing plan that spurs customer acquisition, monetization and retention
  • Provide data-driven strategic support for product launches and major holiday campaigns including Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Execute & Optimize

  • Implement ecommerce store setup, migration, configuration and optimization
  • Enhance user experience through ecommerce storefront development, whether for Stencil (Bigcommerce), Liquid (Shopify), or something else
  • Capture untapped sales opportunities through paid ads, email promotions and SMS channels
  • Cultivate engaged followership on relevant social media platforms
  • Strengthen your digital presence by capitalizing on content marketing and SEO efforts

Analyze & Measure Results

  • Monitor sales, average order value (AOV), conversion rate, and other key metrics
  • Engage conversion rate optimization and A/B testing to reveal unexplored growth opportunities
  • Develop custom analytics dashboards unique to your business and goals

Even my grandma could start selling online. But what sets a successful ecommerce business apart from your run-of-the-mill online seller is a strategy that sees beyond the surface. Unless you're lucky, your online story will only go as far as your strategy and execution.

Jessica Selby / Sr. Marketing Manager

Strategic Fit

Your marketing efforts are incomplete without an intentional cross-discipline strategy. From email promotions to SEO, effective e-commerce marketing is an umbrella that includes multiple channels. Take your growth to the next level by seizing opportunities on other platforms.

Human naturally holds themselves to ecommerce marketing metrics and communicates those in a transparent and streamlined way; it's what separates them from all the agencies I've worked with.

Billy Thompson / CEO and Co-Founder of Thompson Tee


What ecommerce platforms do you work with?

We have experience with many ecommerce solutions. Our preferred platforms for most businesses are BigCommerce and Shopify. These are usually robust enough to cover most clients’ needs - especially when paired with customization efforts.

Do you just focus on bringing potential customers to my store?

While ecommerce marketing services are often focused on driving traffic to your online store, we often help our clients configure their store, monetize the traffic and maximize their investments as well.

We help many clients with migration, store setup, catalog data, best practices, and more. We also help our ecommerce clients convert visitors into paying customers, improve conversion rates, and increase average order value (AOV).

What is AOV and why should I care?

AOV stands for average order value. This is the average dollar amount customers spend per order. You want to focus on this - or better said you want to focus on increasing this - because you can increase your revenue with the same number of transactions.

We can increase AOV through pricing strategies and upsell opportunities. There are a number of techniques that we utilize to help our clients increase AOV.

What is conversion rate and why should I care?

Conversion rate on your ecommerce store measures the percentage of visitors that make a purchase.

Conversion rate is critical for a few reasons. It helps you gauge how effective your site’s branding, messaging, user experience, and pricing are at selling your products. You are also better able to anticipate how valuable new traffic is, especially when paired with AOV. By measuring how much more revenue you could find, you can seize opportunities for improvements with the same type and volume of traffic.

What can you help with on my BigCommerce store?

We love creating solutions that help your business, from creating a new Stencil template to leveraging storefront APIs to REST API integrations, building marketing widgets, and even developing public marketplace applications. We do it all!

What can you do for my Shopify store?

Our expert knowledge of Shopify, their tools, and advanced programming techniques allow us to develop unique, creative solutions to help your business get more out of your Shopify store.

We're experts at customizing Liquid templates, using GraphQL, creating extensive REST API integrations, and even public/private apps for the Shopify App Store. We do it all!

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