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Grow with Human


Do you have to dance on TikTok to get the business results you want?

Short answer: maybe.

Figuring out where and how to make the most impact on social media can feel like a moving target. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok. Where do you even start?

You need a marketing team that knows how to capitalize on platform trends and highlight your brand’s unique personality on the right channels.

Build a digital presence that captivates longtime followers with Human’s social media services.

Our Approach

Social media is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience and create lasting relationships. Human’s social media marketing services enable you to grow your organic social media presence, so you can interact with your customers in a way that’s natural and authentic.

Social media has the ability to leave an impactful digital footprint for your brand. When you leverage its full potential, you build credibility and position yourself as a business your audience can trust.

Courtney Phi / Social Media Manager

Research & Uncover Opportunities

  • Learn more about your audience and where they hang out
  • Identify the social media platforms where you can make the most impact
  • Understand which content drives engagement and results for your business

Develop Your Strategy

  • Collaborate with designers and copywriters for cohesive branding on your accounts
  • Curate a calendar that capitalizes on trends or opportunities in your industry
  • Devise new creative ideas regularly to keep your content fresh and unique

Execute & Optimize

  • Produce scroll-stopping media and copy that delights your audience
  • Tailor content to be unique and impactful for different social media platforms
  • Continuously refine our strategy and content to reach your goals

Analyze & Measure Results

  • Track critical KPIs to ensure we’re delivering value for your business
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest social trends and updates and apply them to your brand

Strategic Fit

Social media is one of the most versatile and powerful tools available today. Establishing a strong social media presence allows you to pursue new opportunities or marketing channels that we can help you explore further.

For National CleanUp Day, Human Marketing social media efforts increased our social media effectiveness, and we showed an almost 40% improvement over the prior year.

Steve Jewett / CEO and Founder of National CleanUp Day


What do ecommerce social media marketing services include?

Ecommerce social media services focus on leveraging social media platforms to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, engage with customers and generate sales for your online store. Human will craft a customized social media strategy and produce high-quality content including product images, videos, lifestyle shots, customer testimonials and engaging captions that showcase products and inspire followers to make purchases. Need to tackle paid social media advertising? We can help with that, too!

Do I need to have a presence on all social media platforms?

Not always! With Human’s social media marketing services, you’ll enjoy the benefit of custom recommendations based on your audience, your industry, and who you’re trying to target.

What is a social media strategy, and why do I need it?

More followers and engagement mean more business. But social media is constantly changing. You need a team of experts who can stay on top of trends and create purposeful content that drives your brand forward.

Do you create TikTok and video content?

Yes! We can create short-form videos on the platforms that are most suitable for your brand.

Ready to grow with Human?

Let’s work together to create a custom strategic growth plan for your business.