The Human Marketing Philosophy


As digital natives, we’re addicted to the online world. But as humans first, we know that behind every IP address is a person with real needs, passions and goals.

Human Marketing was born out of our team’s shared desire to do meaningful work and help people — all while enjoying the ride. We've combined our passion for programming, storytelling and online marketing to bring the human element back to digital marketing.

Our key values

Have fun and help others

It's a simple concept, but infused in every client and employee interaction, and suddenly things start to click. Work becomes more enjoyable, and customers catch that infectious happiness.

In the digital marketing context, slapping ads around the web or regurgitating product information won't compel people to buy into your product or service. That's just not helpful. Sustainable companies help others in everything they do and don't take life too seriously. Profit is a byproduct of these efforts. And that's exactly what we help our clients achieve.

Grow conscious companies

The concepts behind “Conscious Capitalism” inspire the way we work. Companies that operate with a higher purpose have the potential to incite meaningful change. This idea applies to both our company and the clients we work with. For us, that higher purpose includes:

  • Working alongside talented and passionate team members who challenge us to be better personally and professionally every day.
  • Treating team members, clients and their loved ones like family.
  • Partnering with like-minded clients who share our passion for helping others.
  • Investing in growing our clients' bottom lines.
  • Regularly giving back.
  • Delivering exceptional digital marketing services.

Go all-in with clients

Working with digital marketing agencies shouldn’t resemble speed dating. To get any real traction with inbound, you need a trusted marketing and business advisor committed for the long haul. We partner with a select number of clients to have the biggest impact possible.

Tie every dollar to real business value

Have you worked with an agency that peddles reports but no real results? Many of our clients have also been burned by digital marketing agencies that promise tall tales but deliver disappointing results.

At Human Marketing, we believe your digital marketing agency should know your revenue goals — and be held accountable to those numbers. We are 100% invested in our clients' bottom line, grounded in metrics and laser-focused on ROI. It's really the only way we know.

Learn and improve every day

People's needs, desires and challenges change every day. The only way to resonate with an audience is to learn voraciously. We spend part of every day reading, taking online courses or playing with the latest marketing tools.

Be transparent with co-workers & clients

Honesty and transparency are loosely thrown around in business all the time. But few companies apply these concepts across the organization.

That's why we show every minute spent on client work, make key company decisions as a unit and openly explain each marketing decision we make. When team members and clients understand how decisions are made — and have a stake in the process — everyone can rally around achieving the business goals.

Dictate your own work/life integration

Work is inherently part of life — so why draw a line between the two?

Happiness looks different for everyone. We believe in giving team members the freedom to work in a way that suits their lifestyle through flexible schedules and unlimited vacation time. If doing yoga in the middle of the day fuels your happiness, that's exactly what you should do.

Join the Team!

We set out to build a better business in every sense of the word — from the people we work with, the way we operate and the results we produce. If you're looking for a business-minded inbound marketing agency with a higher purpose, we'd love to learn more about your unique business goals.

Are you a skilled digital marketer with a passion for having fun and helping others? Visit our careers page here!

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