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Grow with Human


An ecommerce marketing strategy is so much more than a single channel.

Sure, you might experience bursts of success through paid ads or email. But revenue coming from one area alone is always short-lived and represents only a fraction of your potential growth.

To see sustainable and lasting results, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy that is woven into the very fabric of your unique business blueprint and long term goals. That’s where Human comes in.

With our deep expertise in ecommerce and meticulous attention to the ins and outs of your business, you can trust us to handle the details while you focus on your business.

Our Approach

Our marketing strategy services guide your business through a carefully designed success roadmap. Whether that involves 100% strategy and execution on our end, or a seamless collaboration with your team, Human is here to partner with you.


  • Acquire a complete understanding of your business and what makes you unique
  • Learn more about your brand, industry, audience and competitors
  • Understand the core inputs that drive your business: profit margins, marketing spend and overall revenue goals

Goal Setting & Analysis

  • Guidance with setting the right goals or validating current goals for your business
  • Benchmark current performance and channels
  • Create actionable, measurable targets
  • Assess where you are in the market today, and where you aspire to be


  • Establish the best marketing mix to help you hit your goals
  • Layer different marketing tactics based on your input to create the right strategy for you
  • Leverage various marketing tools, tech stacks and ideas available at our fingertips
  • Set strategy and intent behind every email, workflow, line of copy or creative

Execute, Iterate & Adapt

We’re not fortune tellers. But we’ll continuously test, measure and evaluate your performance to ensure your custom marketing strategy is always adapting to changing market conditions.

Investing in marketing services without a strategy is like buying cheap wine — a waste of time, money and not worth the headache.

Erin Doherty / Chief Experience Officer

Strategic Fit

We create world-class digital products, web design, and branding.

As a full-service marketing agency, we work closely with our clients to define, design and develop transformative user experiences across all platforms and brand’s touchpoints.

We hired Human Marketing to be an extension of our lean marketing team. We aimed for them to provide strategic and tactical support and be clued-in on all our existing marketing goals and activities. Since then, Human Marketing clearly defines the scope for each month and has executed on a range of activities including nurture email flows, creating new landing pages from scratch, and creating and executing on a content calendar for SEO-critical topics.

The company is named perfectly, because they are a very human company. Their team has bags of talent and expertise, but they combine it with empathy and emotional intelligence that's tough to measure but makes all the difference when companies work with agencies.

Abhishek Iyer / Director of Product Marketing at Armorblox


Do you offer a la carte services? What if I only want one or a few services?

We get this question a lot, and the answer is often, “We can, but that’s likely not what you need.” Typically, customers come in looking for support in one or two areas. As part of the discovery process, we do a deep dive into your goals and current marketing activities to determine the optimal channel mix and opportunities for your business.

What do I get each month?

With Human as your ecommerce marketing strategy agency, you get a team that is dedicated to your business and aligned with your brand. We typically work in 90-day plans, where we lay out the top objectives, campaigns and deliverables to help you hit your desired results. The specifics of these plans really depend on your marketing and business goals. Rest assured, whatever services and recommendations we offer are always rooted in data and results-focused.

After we solidify your initial 90-day plan, we distill down your key objectives and campaigns into a monthly sprint and get to work! You will always receive a clear plan and regular monthly review, where we examine accomplishments, reveal growth opportunities and strategize next steps.

Ready to grow with Human?

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