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What it takes to succeed with email marketing

The ROI of email marketing is 4X higher than any channel.

But fully capturing the revenue potential of email involves the right mix of software, strategy and automation expertise. Most importantly, you need to know what your customers care about any moment to dynamically serve up content that gets opened, read and acted on.

AI tools + skilled Humans = high ROI

At Human, we believe in combining intelligent software and humans to create 1-1 marketing experiences that improve business outcomes.

When partnering with Human, you gain access to our AI software Personalize, which tracks your audience’s online behavior, interprets their real-time interests and feeds the data to your email service provider.

With these insights, Human develops hyper-personalized email campaigns that speak to a person’s real-time interests and improve open and click rates by more than 100%.

How we do it

Through our discovery process, we learn about your business, build out your customer interests in Personalize and develop an email marketing strategy that’s unique to you.

Your dedicated marketing team then designs, launches and monitors automated emails to nurture contacts at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Through ongoing testing and iteration, we continually improve email engagement metrics and help you deeper relationships with your customers.

In our approach, we also consider

  • Business Plans and Goals
  • Lead Quality
  • Real-Time Audience Interests
  • Conversion Rates
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Target Market and Personas
  • ROI
  • LTV

Our customers typically see


Higher Open Rates


Higher Click Rates


Return on Investment

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