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Textedly is an SMS marketing platform that provides versatile texting solutions for businesses. Thousands of organizations use Textedly to send bulk text messages to their customers and fulfill their sales, marketing and customer service needs.

Business Type
B2B SaaS
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March 2020
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The Challenge

Textedly previously worked with a previous content marketing agency that produced dozens of articles each month with little to no organic results.

With long-term business goals to grow substantially, acquire more companies and attract investors, Textedly needed a content strategy that would fuel organic growth and brand awareness in the competitive SaaS marketplace.

SMS Campaign
Textedly Website
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The Solution

North Star Goal
2x Organic Blog Traffic YoY

Channel Mix

Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Paid Media
Paid Media
Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy
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Strategy Overview

Human developed a content marketing strategy centered around topic clusters to position Textedly as an authority in SMS marketing and grow organic blog traffic. Human added paid media to the marketing mix in early 2021 to support Textedly’s fast growing revenue goals.

Key Aspects

  • Write comprehensive, SEO-driven blog content to earn featured snippets and drive organic traffic

  • Clean up, consolidate and redirect low-value content to elevate overall blog quality

  • Create long-form pillar pages around Textedly’s most important topics to build domain authority

  • Reach new audiences and increase signups through paid media on Facebook, Bing and more

Textedly Website
Textedly Mobile


Since March 2020, Human has grown Textedly’s organic blog traffic more than 3,000% and earned more than 1,200 page 1 rankings.

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featured snippets earned
new organic blog visitors
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